Viewing Monitor Campaign Reports

If you select “View Reports”, the window below showing a settlement analysis for visitations table (1), corresponding bar chart (2) and a map (3) will be displayed by default.

PLANFELD Report View


You can switch to view settlement analysis by session distribution.

Simply click on the dropdown tab at the front of the “Settlement Analysis” and toggle between “Settlement Visitation” and “Session Distribution”

PLANFELD Settlement Analysis

Also, you can switch from Settlement Analysis to Population Analysis.

Simply click on “Settlement Analysis” dropdown and select “Population Analysis”.

PLANFELD Population Analysis

Note: You can also switch views using the dropdown for the different demography that the campaign is targeted at.

PLANFELD Demography


You can either decide to “Download” or “Print” the report and analytics for further usage by locating and selecting the appropriate tab shown below.


You can also change the default map views for the report to charts. Simply select the “Charts” tab next to the “Maps” tab as illustrated in the figure below.