What is Planfeld?

Planfeld is an all-encompassing workflow web based application that mass field activities administrators in humanitarian, public health healthcare and pharmaceuticals services, and their donors, who do not necessarily have technical GIS skills can use for planning field activities and services, and monitoring their actual outcomes.

Load PlanFeld address https://planfeld.ehealthafrica.org/ on a web browser to navigate to the application’s homepage.

Major Components of PlanFeld

PlanFeld has two (2) major components namely:

  • Planner: The planner provides a simple, visual way to organize campaigns and intervention field activities around target location, resources and exercise schedule. Planner makes it easy to define campaigns by leveraging the power of existing geospatial data and algorithms to optimize resources across the span of coverage and activities planned for the campaign. It ensures efficient allocation and deployment of available resources.

  • Monitor: The monitor provides almost real-time insights into the extent and reach of field teams to help administrators make better decisions that lead to more efficient resource allocation and improved field operations outcomes. It uses visual and analytic insights to track and monitor how allocated field resources are performing and being used during interventions